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About Us

|| Our History

After recognizing a need for better adult foster care homes in the Greater Detroit area, Anthony and Sheana Waldburg founded Heavenly Comfort in 2012.

With locations in Harper Woods and Detroit, MI, we provide housing and mental health services for individuals in need of supervision, personal care, or physical/mental health support. Anthony and Sheana are very involved in the day-to-day operations of Heavenly Comfort. We strive to build trusting relationships with our residents to better serve them.

We are proud to be a part of our community’s growth.

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|| objectives

Our Objectives

Maintain the highest level of functioning for each resident based on their individual needs.
Keep each resident safe, comfortable, and as independent as possible while also providing them with the necessary services for a better quality of life.
Provide adequate training & mentoring to our staff to ensure excellent service to our residents.
Educate the community about the mental health population & relieve some of the social stigmas.

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| Our Process |

Five Keys to Success

We do not give up on our residents! We work closely with their care team to achieve the best quality of life based upon their abilities.
We will run our home and treat our residents as if our loved ones were residents.
We offer smaller homes, allowing more one-on-one assistance.
We will implement continuous training for our staff to ensure they are qualified and capable of caring for our residents.
We strive to make our staff happy to reduce dissatisfaction and thus, reduce turnover rates. We believe that this is beneficial because the residents build a trusting relationship with the staff and have some comfort in familiar faces.
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|| unique experience

What Makes Heavenly Comfort Unique

At Heavenly Comfort, we see a different way of assisting our residents. We acknowledge that our home is their home. We encourage them to take pride in themselves and in their home. We have established a home that does not only meet their physical needs, but one that also nourishes their social needs and dignity.

Our first home was started by converting our own home to meet the needs of the residents. We did this with one objective in mind – give our residents the best care!

Here at Heavenly Comfort, we take time to get to know each resident’s likes and dislikes. We incorporate their likes and interests in monthly outings and activities.

We gather as much information as possible; try to learn about past trauma(s) and focus on not re-traumatizing our residents to minimize stress.

Love and passion for people, along with our many years of experience in training, sets us apart from many homes.
Heavenly Comfort’s providers are Welle trained. Welle (formally known as NAPPI or Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention) is a program that focuses on the proactive approach to promoting positive behaviors. As Welle trainers, we train our staff to identify behaviors from baseline which helps them manage and correct negative behavior(s) proactively. We also train our staff on signs to identify triggers and behaviors, and use verbal techniques to de-escalate incidents. This is a very valuable tool because it decreases incidents and helps staff remain calm and more confident and capable during incidents.

Join us on the path to a better & healthier quality of life.